This paper introduces the concept of discrete multidimensional size function, a mathematical tool studying the so-called size graphs. These graphs constitutes an ingredient of Size Theory, a geometrical/topological approach to shape analysis and comparison. A global method for reducing size graphs is presented, together with a theorem stating that size graphs reduced in such a way preserve all the information in terms of multidimensional size functions. This approach can lead to simplify the effective computation of discrete multidimensional sizefunctions, as shown by examples.


Cerri, A., Frosini, P., Kropatsch, W., & Landi, C. (2011). A Global Method for Reducing Multidimensional Size Graphs. In Proc. GbRPR 2011 - Graph-based Representation in Pattern Recognition, LNCS 6658, X. Jiang, M. Ferrer and A. Torsello Eds. (2011), 1-11 (pp. 1–11). Springer. http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12708/53854