As panoramic images are widely usedin many applications, efficient image stitching meth-ods that provide visually pleasant image mosaics areneeded. In this paper we discuss a novel concept forsmart camera image stitching based on graph pyra-mids. For a multi-camera system, the images haveto be aligned accordingly to create an image mosaic.Instead of calculating the corresponding transforma-tions centrally, we aim at enabling each camera to in-dividually calculate the transformation of the imageit takes. Graph pyramids used for image segmenta-tion provide information about the segmentation pro-cess. We analyze how this information can be used tocalculate the transformations for image alignment.


Banaeyan, M., Huber, H., Kropatsch, W., & Barth, R. (2016). A Novel Concept for Smart Camera Image Stitching. In L. Cehovin, R. Mandeljc, & V. Struc (Eds.), Proceedings of the 21st Computer Vision Winter Workshop (p. 9). Slovenian Pattern Recognition Society. http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12708/56597