In this paper mirror-reflected, multi-viewvideo sequences produced by a mirror setup areanalysed. The mirror setup is composed of two mirrorplanes and a camera, which records the scene.The relation between the angle between the two mirrorplanes and the number of mirror-reflected viewsis analysed mathematically and the results are presentedin this paper. Furthermore a calibration approachusing a cylindrical checkerboard pattern isintroduced. Using the cylindrical checkerboard patternthe relation between the central view and themirror-reflected views can be provided and the orientationand position of the mirror planes can be specified.The knowledge about the orientation and positionof the mirror planes can be used to estimate the3D position of marker points in the central and thereflected views.


Mucciolo, G., Koneczny, B., Saggese, A., Artner, N., Kropatsch, W., & vento, M. (2017). Analysis and Calibration of a Mirror Setup producing Mirror-reflected, Multi-view Videos. In Proceedings of the 22nd Computer Vision Winter Workshop 2017 (p. 9). http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12708/57087