In this paper we present a novel algorithm to optimize the reconstruction from non-uniform point sets.We introduce a statistically-derived topology-controller for selecting the reconstruction resolution of agiven non-uniform point set. Deriving information from homology-based statistics, our topology-controllerensures a stable and sound basis for the analysis process. By analyzing our topology-controller, weselect an optimal reconstruction resolution which ensures both low reconstruction errors and a topologicalstability of the underlying signal. Our approach offers a valuable method for the evaluation of thereconstruction process without the need of visual inspection of the reconstructed datasets. By meansof qualitative results we show how our proposed topology statistics provides complementary informationin the enhancement of existing reconstruction pipelines in visualization.


Vuçini, E., & Kropatsch, W. G. (2012). On the search of optimal reconstruction resolution. Pattern Recognition Letters, 33(11), 1460–1467. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.patrec.2011.10.006