By 2030, more than the equivalent of two Earths will be needed to meet the demand for natural resources, so a transition to circular systems is essential, especially in the construction industry. The digital “Circular Twin” ecosystem enables the early implementation of the goals of the circular economy as well as the end-to-end digitalization in the construction industry by means of digital twins, generative design algorithms and Virtual Reality.

In Circular Twin, the end-of-life phase of a building is analyzed already during the planning process. During this analysis, we develop future use scenarios for separate building elements, such as re-use or re-cycling, calculate the benefits and drawbacks or each scenario and present them to users in a VR interface supported by an intelligent virtual agent as interaction metaphore.


Project partners

  • ATP sustain GmbH  (Wien Austria)
  • Eisler ZT-GmbH
  • IBO - Österr. Institut für Bauen un Ökologie GmbH  (Wien Austria)

Funding provided by

  • FFG - Österr. Forschungsförderungs- gesellschaft mbH