VERTIgO will develop a simulation platform for military CBRN training, which integrates a Virtual Reality headset and a CBRN mask for enhanced realism.

The project “Virtual Enhanced Reality for inTeroperable traIning of CBRN military and civilian Operators” (VERTIgO) supports an integrated approach to conflicts and disaster relief by virtualization and simulation of CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) defence training. The project’s overall objective is the validation of a European Exercise Simulation Platform (EESP) for virtual reality (VR) applications to CBRN training, complemented by the prototyping of an ad-hoc hardware solution, which integrates a VR headset and CBRN mask for enhanced realism and user experience.

The VERTIgO project has three main objectives: (1) design of a European simulation platform: Create and design an innovative and inter-operable CBRN VR training system for EU military actors, capable of integrating with civilian first responders’ requirements, called EESP (European Exercises Simulation Platform). (2) Training scenarios: Create and design harmonized and interoperable CBRN VR simulation scenarios both for military and civilian first responders. (3) Design of a CBRN mask: Design, prototype and validate the first integrated CBRN VR Mask to be used with the EESP system.

The project is funded by the European Union’s European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP) – G.A. EDIDP-SVTE-2020-047-VERTIgO. The project website provides further detail.

TU Wien is subcontractor of the project partner Altheria in this project.

Project partners

  • Altheria Solutions SRL  (Auderghem Belgium)

Funding provided by

  • Altheria Solutions SRL