Origami offers an innovative way to implement haptic interaction with minimum actuation, particularly in immersive encountered-type haptics and robotics. This paper presents two novel action-origami inspired haptic devices for Virtual Reality (VR). The Zipper Flower Tube is a rigid-foldable origami structure that can provide different stiffness sensations to simulate elastic response haptic simulation in VR. The Shiftly device is a shape-shifting origami haptic display that can enable a real-time experience of different shapes of virtual objects or materials in VR. The modular approach of our action origami haptic devices provides a high-fidelity, energy-efficient and low-cost solution for interacting with virtual materials and objects in VR.

The full description is in the PDF Origami_EmergingTechnologies.

This work was presented at Siggraph’23 Emerging Technologies and Laval Virtual 2024.